Reverse Health introduces a pioneering program catering to women’s weight management needs during menopause, combining science-based strategies with a supportive community, empowering women to navigate this stage with confidence and well-being.

New York, New York, United States, 31st Oct 2023- Reverse Health has launched a revolutionary program designed to address the unique challenges women face in weight management during menopause. This evidence-based program offers personalized solutions, backed by scientific rigor, to help women navigate this significant life stage with confidence and well-being.

Matt Jones, Head of Nutrition at Reverse Health, said, “In a world overwhelmed with confusing, or even contradicting health advice and quick fixes, our program stands out for its commitment to scientific research paired with simple advice. Our science-backed program encourages members to make small dietary changes such as eating more protein, moderate carbs and less processed, sugary foods as well as include movement in their daily lives to help overcome many of the most common menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, unwanted weight gain, digestive issues and brain fog.”

Monika Friedman, Co-founder of Reverse Health, emphasized the program’s community aspect, stating, “We offer more than just advice; we provide a nurturing environment that understands the unique challenges women face during menopause. Our community, which has over 20,000 active members, is highly supportive and non-restrictive. Members often report noticeable improvements within weeks and most maintain their progress long-term.”

Matt Jones further elaborated on the program’s mission: “Our aim is to empower women to navigate the complexities of menopause with dignity. By offering scientifically-grounded advice and fostering a supportive community, we provide a sustainable solution for long-term well-being.”

Reverse Health’s program includes personalized meal plans, exercise videos, tracking tools, and expert guidance. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store, making it easily accessible for women seeking a reliable resource for weight management during menopause. Read more about Reverse Health here.

About Reverse Health

Reverse Health is a groundbreaking women-only weight management program that specializes in addressing the unique hormonal and physiological changes experienced by women during menopause. The program offers personalized meal plans, exercise videos, tracking tools, expert guidance, and a vibrant community to empower women in achieving sustainable weight management. The Reverse Health app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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