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Basel, Switzerland, 22nd September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, MachinaTrader is thrilled to present its final Free NFT Giveaway. This special offer allows users to become part of the MachinaTrader trading community. Participants can expect exclusive perks, lifelong discounts, first-hand access to new features, and more.

NFT owners will also get a complimentary wearable for Decentraland and other virtual realms through an airdrop. The platform’s early access begins on October 16th, showcasing its advanced features.

Seize the Opportunity with MachinaTrader’s Trading Community

MachinaTrader is offering a last chance with their concluding NFT Giveaway, which continues until Saturday at 10 p.m., Swiss time UTC+2. Joining the giveaway is straightforward:

  • Register on the project’s website.
  • Follow MachinaTrader on platform X, and like and share the mentioned post.
  • Comment your ETH wallet address on the shared post on platform X.
  • 1,100 NFTs will be distributed, culminating in a grand unveiling event in Decentraland on Sunday at 10 p.m. (UTC+2).
  • These NFTs will be available on OpenSea.

The giveaway offers more than just a collectible. It’s a golden ticket to the MachinaTrader trading world. NFT owners will enjoy subscription discounts for life, access to private groups, early feature previews, and more. Additionally, each NFT holder will receive a free wearable for Decentraland and other virtual realms via airdrop.

Leading the Way in Algorithmic Trading

MachinaTrader equips traders to excel in algorithmic trading. It offers real-time market analysis, staying ahead of trends and quickly adapting to news and public sentiment. It’s not just a tool—it’s a trader’s powerhouse. Instead of juggling multiple resources, traders can view MachinaTrader as their all-in-one solution for algorithmic trading. It provides all the essential tools for success in the dynamic financial market.

Designed to empower traders, MachinaTrader offers customizable features to adapt strategies for any market scenario. It’s the ultimate hub for everything one needs to dive into algo-trading and maintain a competitive edge. The platform recognizes traders’ efforts by unveiling previously untapped trading opportunities. With MachinaTrader, traders get all the insights and tools they need to thrive.

Early Access Unveiled

On October 16th, MachinaLabs will grant early access to the MachinaTrader platform, allowing traders to utilize its extensive code editor and AI-driven insights. The platform boasts features that enhance strategies and portfolio management, making it easier for traders to adapt to market shifts.

The NFT Collection, priced at 0.025 ETH each, showcases exclusive artwork and serves as a token of appreciation for the MachinaTrader community. Early users can look forward to:

  • Platform Independence: Access from various devices.
  • Limitless Code Editing: Full control over strategy development.
  • Multi-Pair Trading Bots: Diversify portfolios and manage risks.
  • Seamless Integration: Incorporate third-party services effortlessly.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Superior strategy optimization with MachinaCore’s top-tier libraries.
  • Scalability: Confidently expand strategies and portfolios.
  • Speed and Precision: Execute high-frequency trades efficiently.
  • Visual Editor: Build complex strategies without coding

With its innovative features, MachinaTrader is a standout in the algorithmic trading world. As October 16th nears, traders eagerly anticipate elevating their trading game.

About MachinaTrader

Founded by a dedicated Swiss and German team with deep roots in the crypto market since 2016, MachinaTrader is their solution to the gaps they found in existing trading tools. As a part of Swiss Fintech MachinaLabs, it signifies a revolutionary leap in crypto trading.

Built on state-of-the-art technology, MachinaTrader embodies their combined expertise and enthusiasm. It continually evolves, emphasizing quality. The early access offer is a unique invitation to join their mission and be a part of the MachinaTrader legacy.

For more about MachinaTrader, visit their official website. Stay updated with their latest news by following them on platform X (formerly Twitter).

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