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Discover the safe and effective use of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) for managing health conditions.

California, United States, 12th Sep 2023 – Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has gained recognition as a powerful alternative for managing various health conditions. Understanding the proper dosage and administration of RSO is essential for safe and effective consumption. With the aim of providing clarity and guidance to individuals seeking the benefits of RSO, here is a comprehensive guide to its safe consumption.

Rick Simpson’s Protocol

Rick Simpson’s Protocol has been at the forefront of RSO use for its potential to address health concerns effectively. The key to successful treatment lies in adhering to precise instructions. Under the RSO protocol, individuals are advised to consume 60 grams (or 60 mL) of RSO oil within a 90-day period. However, the journey to optimal results begins with patience and careful dosage adjustments.

Two Administration Methods

There are two primary methods to complete Rick Simpson’s Protocol: oral ingestion and suppositories.

Suppository Method

The suppository method, though unconventional to some, has shown remarkable effectiveness. By taking RSO as a suppository, users can achieve absorption rates of 50%-70% compared to oral consumption. Importantly, this method avoids the psychoactive effects associated with RSO.

Oral Ingestion

Alternatively, oral ingestion of RSO is an option, but it comes with different considerations. When taken orally, only about 10%-20% of the oil is absorbed. Building tolerance for a full daily gram can take three weeks to a month and a half. This approach extends the treatment period.

Oral Dosage

For oral consumption, it is advisable to use empty gelatin capsules to acclimate the body to the treatment. Begin with a pinhead-sized drop a few hours before bedtime. Gradually increase the dosage, taking the same-sized drop every four hours for the first four days. Assess the effects and person’s tolerance during this period.

Supplemental Recommendations

  • If a person feels excessively high, stop taking additional doses and allow their body to adjust.
  • On the fourth day, consider doubling the dosage size if tolerated.
  • Adjust the dosage to suit their needs and tolerance, potentially dividing it into smaller, more frequent doses.

Suppository Benefits

Suppositories offer distinct advantages, including no psychoactive effects and rapid absorption. Users can absorb up to three times more RSO than through oral ingestion. A typical RSO suppository contains a mixture of 50% coconut oil and 50% raw cannabis concentrate.

Rick Simpson Oil Suppositories

For optimal results, take two 250-milligram RSO capsules daily—one in the morning and one at night. Administer the suppositories by inserting a liquefied RSO-filled syringe into the rectum, pushing down the plunger, and allowing 15 minutes for absorption.

It’s crucial to insert the suppositories only 1/2 inch to avoid unintended side effects or getting high.

Understanding the proper dosage and administration of RSO is essential to harness its potential benefits effectively. Always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning an RSO regimen.

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