Turkey, 19th Jun 2023, King NewsWireMetaCourt, a groundbreaking platform in the legal ecosystem, is preparing to launch its highly anticipated on-chain arbitration service and smart contract and agreement marketplace. Backed by industry leaders such as Cointelegraph Accelerator, IBM Accelerator, Microsoft for Founders Hub, and more, MetaCourt aims to address the legal challenges faced by the web3 community and increase access to justice in an affordable and efficient manner.

Leading the way at MetaCourt is its visionary CEO, Dr. Mohammad Asghari, who brings a unique background in both the legal and technology sectors. With extensive knowledge of blockchain and its potential, Dr. Mohammad Asghari is driving innovation to transform the legal landscape and revolutionize access to justice.

After a year of dedicated work, MetaCourt successfully launched its On-Chain Arbitration Service’s testnet, which received widespread acclaim from the community. This testnet played a vital role in refining the platform’s features, ensuring robustness, and enhancing overall reliability.

MetaCourt has experienced rapid growth by expanding its services to encompass more than seven distinct functionalities. These services cater to the diverse needs of the web3 community, providing comprehensive legal solutions for a wide range of challenges.

At the core of the MetaCourt ecosystem is the $COURT token, a multipurpose utility token. The $COURT token facilitates seamless transactions, incentivizes participation in on-chain arbitration, and powers the exchange of legal services within the MetaCourt ecosystem.

MetaCourt is a groundbreaking project that offers tangible utility in addressing the legal challenges faced by the web3 community. By providing an accessible and efficient means of resolving disputes and ensuring compliance, MetaCourt enhances trust and security within the decentralized ecosystem.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, MetaCourt embraces cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized governance. As a frontrunner in revolutionizing the legal landscape, MetaCourt stands at the forefront of the legal metaverse.

Supported by esteemed industry leaders like Cointelegraph Accelerator, IBM Accelerator, and Microsoft for Founders Hub, MetaCourt’s vision is underscored by their endorsement. The potential impact of MetaCourt on the future of the legal metaverse is significant.

On the verge of launching its highly anticipated on-chain arbitration service and smart contract and agreement marketplace, MetaCourt is poised to empower individuals and businesses with secure and efficient dispute resolution while simplifying complex legal processes.
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