Suede Light Brigade projects messages, memes and animations on the New York Federal Reserve Bank

New York, New York, United States, 6th Jul 2022 – Members of the Suede Light Brigade, an activist group specializing in guerilla projection, used a home theater projector and a lithium solar battery to project images on the US Federal Reserve Bank, on a Saturday at 9:30pm in lower Manhattan. 

The group projected text messages including ‘Separate Money from Government,’ ‘Fiat Money is a Scam,’ and ‘Crypto Fixes This.’ 

Also, the ‘Money Printer Go BRRR’[1] meme was projected, along with images and animations of Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, and Homer Simpson printing money.

The Suede Light Brigade asserts:

1) The Federal Reserve was created, in 1913, to enslave the U.S. Government with debt. Government debt slowly drains national wealth and ends up greatly enriching the global elite through interest payments on the debt. The wealthiest individuals around the globe have been getting very rich for a very long time off of government debt.

2) The Federal Reserve devalues our U.S. currency. Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the U.S. dollar has lost 96 percent of its purchasing power. In fact, the beginning of the rapid rise of inflation in the United States coincided with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

3) The Federal Reserve, an unelected body. manipulates the U.S. economy by setting national interest rates. By keeping rates high or low, the Federal Reserve has the power to create economic growth or to destroy it. They have the power to inflate massive bubbles and to pop them.

4) The Federal Reserve controls the national money supply. They can pump trillions into the economy or pull trillions out without being accountable to anyone.

5) The Federal Reserve is dominated by Wall Street and the New York banks, and is designed as an elaborate shell game to enrich those entities.

6) The Federal Reserve should be audited by an independent agency. The Federal Reserve has never undergone a true comprehensive audit since it was created back in 1913.

7) The Federal Reserve is supposed to guarantee that our financial system be perfectly stable, but in reality our financial system has become much more unstable.

8) The Federal Reserve should be abolished. It is time for society to take back control of its currency and economy.

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